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Aprovados (Approved) / Application to LBR - Ty
« Online: 15 November, 2022, 23:46:52 PM »
Name: Ty
Age: 24
Country: Canada
Nick: Scarfaccia
Previous nicks: 6lock187
Time you played VCMP 22/04/2021 The date i also registered on BRL.
Play SA:MP or MTA:SA? SA:MP a lot 2016 - barely to not playing anymore 2019.
Do you use Discord? Yes.
Why you want to join LBR? Because since i have been on vcmp playing on BRL after some time i have became close with Henrique and abit with Nelsu and i have been observing some other clans and players and LBR attracted me the most because of how it is and the history behind the clan and what i have been seeing within the members, i just feel like for now LBR would be the right fit for me.
Do you know any LBR member? Henrique and Nelsu.
Favorite weapons: Shotgun, M4 and sometimes M60 and Ingram.
Additional information: Thanks for taking the time to read and observe the application.

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