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Servidores / Invasion Latina Deathmatch (Invitation)
« Online: 05 August, 2019, 04:58:31 AM »

Server Informationr:
Server Name: Invasión Latina Deathmatch
Slots: 100
Gamemode: Deathmatch
Staff List: Here

Forum: http://invasionlatinavc.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/TFqxeRU
IRC: #invasion-latina.echo @LUNet

Zatch(Developer/Hoster), Dadero(Developer/Mapper/LMS maze mode event creator), Pumak47(Developer/Designer), Lederhos(Developer), Niko(Manager/Vice Counter event creator), Rorro(Manager/Designer), Maximiliano(Scripter/Mapper), Kelvin(Scripter), DarkR4Z0R^(Scripter), Mack(Scripter), Hipnos(Scripter/Original Hoster)

The idea of this project began after recruiting some latin veteran players which at the same time a group of friends to be agreed and found a community only for latin players. Many others had the same idea but they couldn't realize it just for not having enough experience or lack of organization, maybe it existed in the past but now talking about this era where communities from Internet are really different comparing to those ones from 10 or 15 years ago. We could organize ourselves without problems and with a well made forum too, this was the first step. Once we finished with that we decided to have a server for VC:MP which is the game we really like despite all its defects and differences between players. This is a server exclusively made for latin players formed by a staff where they can speak Spanish and at the same time the majority have a lot of experience and that's how our server called Invasion Latina Deathmatch (Latin Invasion Deathmatch in English). This project started in January 2019 and practically it took a half year to prepare everything but we can say all the effort was well deserved. The VC:MP community could be really small and inactive but at least this server will be a place where non-english speakers could play peaceably without worrying to learn another language. Players from other countries are welcome too, there's any problem since all the server commands are in english in order to be enjoyed by everyone.

Main Features:
The server counts with some features:

Last Man Standing in a Labyrinth: (Event)
This feature was created by Dadero and Maximiliano. It consist in the typical Last Man Standing event but this time you have to find the rest of the players in a labyrinth. With the pass of the time weapons, health and armour will be dropped in a box to gain an extra advantage for a player which can find it. The winner will be the last player alive in the match. Only Admins can activate this event.

Vice Counter: (Event)
This feature was created by Niko and is a fusion of Vice City and Counter Strike. This event consist in the same gameplay as Counter Strike where you have to eliminate the other team. CS skins will be distributed with CS weapons too. Only Admins can activate this event.

Custom token:
Here in Invasion Latina we had a custom coin/token called "Cuy" (In English means Guinea Pig) which is for buying custom skins, cars and rent Sea Sparrow and Hunter. Each Cuy cost $100000 and you can earn it typing /buycuy (the ammount you want to buy). Credits to Fabbel for this idea.

Custom Skins:
For the moment we have 5 skins where you can buy on the lobby. You can only have 1 skin per account so id you want to buy another skin, you have to sell the skin you earn in order to buy other. Each skin costs 10 Cuys ($1000000).

Custom Cars:
You can buy it on Sunshine Autos in the 2nd floor. Each one cost 50 Cuys ($5000000). For now we offer a few ammount of cars and a custom bike. (I totally recommend buying the bike)

Renting Heli:
To avoid those OP vehicles we have implemented a command in order to rent a SeaSparrow or a Hunter typing /rentheli. Before that, you have to find those vehicles which are hidden in the map. Once the vehicle is destroyed, it will take 30 minutes to be available again. There's no limit time, you can have the heli until it is destroyed.

6 cars in the server for $1:
Those 6 cars are hidden in the whole map (Harder to find than SeaSparrow and Hunter). This feature is for those first players who can locate them and buy it without saving money.

Inauguration Event:
The first day of the server we will set low gravity and active the shooting mode in air. Perfect for weapons like rocket or m60 and some of us will record it. It will be really fun xd

Without further delay, The server will be open on FRIDAY 9th since 00hrs (-05:00 GMT) all the day! Everyone is invited!

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